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God's Timing Not Mine - book cover

The Book

God's Timing Not Mine is an inspirational Christian book about Alice, an Australian Christian woman with a deep faith in God, who lived in Australia during the late 1900's. It is a true story about real people, places and events, however all the names have been changed to maintain anonymity and safety of those still alive.

During her early years, Alice witnessed and heard a lot about domestic and family violence, and vowed that she would never put up with it. Yet when she finally fled for her life from her husband, she found out she had indeed been a victim of domestic and family violence for many years, and is now a survivor. Alice shares some of her beliefs and values in this book, not to try and convince you to believe them, but so that you might have some idea as to why she made some of the choices she did.

Join Alice as she relates the journey she embarks on for self-improvement and the rebuilding her shattered life. Celebrate her highs as Alice shares her faith with others and someone acknowledges God for the first time, and finding somewhere to live. Also lament her lows as she struggles with losing a court case and so many of her personal possessions in property settlement. Travel with Alice along the undulating path of her life and see the peace that she has when life seems to be calmly sailing along for her.

Watch with Alice as she sees in the life of others and herself, God's hand moving in mysterious ways, opening and closing doors, and doing things in His time and way. She shares some of these times and ways from a portion of her life in this book.

Alice's story is not unique. Many people who are going through or have survived domestic and family violence will be able to relate to some part of what Alice went through. What they might not see is God's way and timing in their life. Alice hopes that in seeing parts of her life and how she saw God's way and timing that others may be able to look back and say - Yes! God was there for me too!

Also included in this book's appendixes is an article entitled, What Is Domestic and Family Violence? which gives a fairly detailed description of what it is and indicators that show domestic and family violence may be occurring in someone else's life; and a few relevant poems written by Kym.

Are you a living or have lived with domestic violence and wonder where God was? Why He didn't help? And if He really cares about you? Try taking a step back and looking at the big picture like Alice does in this book, and maybe you too can find the answers to these questions.

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