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God's Timing Not Mine - book cover

The Author

Kym Miller is of German descent, and was born in the 1960s near the city of Adelaide, South Australia. During her life she has moved numerous times within Australia, and travelled across much of this vast country. Kym is now a Christian grandmother who loves nothing better than spending time with family and friends.

Acquiring an education was difficult for Kym due to learning disabilities, and she left high school early. She later went on to complete a Business Studies course, then joined the work force as an office clerk and learnt most facets of this type of employment.

Starting a family was a major event in Kym's life and she became a stay at home mum. For many years she enjoyed raising her children, as well as cooking, sewing, cross-stitch and word processing on a computer. One of her great joys is singing and Kym has many non-professional tapes of her family and herself singing.

In recent times she has joined a local women's support group for women either going through or who have survived domestic and family violence. Within this group she learns new skills, gains support for tough times, encouragement to achieve her goals, has people to help her celebrate her hopes and achievements, as well as reciprocating this for the other participants.

Attending a local church is a regular activity for Kym. One day, while attending church, a small voice said to her, Write a book. However she had no idea what she was going to write about. Then she remembered Alice and how she had shared with Kym so many stories of times when Alice had seen God working in her life and His wonderful timing. So with Alice's permission, Kym starting writing God's Timing Not Mine.

Kym hopes that you will be inspired by this book to look for God's way, working and timing in your own life. That if you are going through domestic and family violence of any kind you will see that you are not alone, there are many others out there in similar situations to yourself, and help is available. Learn the many different aspects of domestic violence and do your best to eliminating it from your life.

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